Quarter 1-coming to a close…

I can’t believe the end of  Quarter 1/ Unit 1 is near.  Students recently completed their memoirs and had the opportunity to share their wonderful writing with other 8th grade students during our Reading Carnival.  The event began with a handful of student readers who shared their poetry and memoirs to the grade. Following these readings, they broke up into advisories and were given the time to read and comment on each of their unique moments.  After weeks of writing, revising, and editing,  it was a nice way to end the quarter and celebrate all the hard work put into these narratives.  Believe it or not, it will be the last formal narrative piece students will write in Middle School!!

This coming week begins our next unit, Transformations, which will focus on poetry and poetry analysis.

More to come on that soon!  Looking forward to seeing everyone at Parent Conferences over the next couple of weeks.


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